Download Norav Medical USB Devices Driver






USB HID (Human Interface Device) (no need drivers)


USB Dongles
Multiplatform dongle
Hardware ID - 32-bit globally-unique
Software ID - 32-bit user-defined
2 level-4 groups (Basic & Advanced Password)
64 Licensing Modules
80 User-Defined Algorithms Support
Up to 1KB Memory Capacity


Feitian Rockey 4ND dongles emulated is individual.

Dongle emulator:

Custom solution for this dongle available by request

For create backup / emulator need:

  • USB Dongle Logs (For Windows XP-Vista x32 and x64 USBTrace Log)
  • USB Dongle Logs (For Windows 10 x32 and x64 HDD USB Log)
  • Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox)
Software tested with Feitian ROCKEY4ND dongle emulator:
ABB Symphony Plus (S+ Engineering, S+ Operations, S+ Calculation, S+ Analyst)
ROCKEY4ND Dongle ID Emulator for Licensing
Structural Toolkit v5.4.3.1 + Analysis Plus
Possible include all modules
Possible change subscription expiration date
Caneco-BT v5.6.0.14 Franch
Possible include all modules
Caneco-EP v4.3 Franch
Possible include all modules
Caneco Implantation v2.5.2 SP4
Possible include all modules
exocad DentalCAD 2015
Icon Systems
NCC-900 Program of numerology v2.299
Vedic Vaastu 2.0 Professional Edition
Memory crack for remove password activation
SW ROAD v2 Professional
Only ROCKEY4ND Dongle duplicate
Model v9.16 & Model Plus v1.16 x32 and x64 bit
Possible remove date restriction
QuarK Costos y Presupuestos v15.07.1
XTRA v1223.20
  • Feitian ROCKEY4ND

Norav Medical Ltd. Late Potential Signal Averaging 67 Tab Option Description Environment Connection Use the option button (COM port/USB) to select the port for device connection. If COM port is selected, select the serial input for the PCECG unit from the COM port list. Norav Medical 2, Hamada St., P.O. Box 81, Yokneam, 20692, Israel Telephone: +972 (04) 9893001 Fax: +972 (04) 9893004 Email: [email protected] Standards Compliance The interference generated by the device was tested according to the EMC 89/336/EEC and found compliant with the standard.

Download Norav Medical USB devices driver

Domino Forniture v5.R3.C2
Formaris Forniture v6.R1

AGFA Apogee Prepress v8.0

ElitronCAD 2D Footwear
ElitronCAD 3D Footwear

TEBIS v3.4 Release 1
Possible remove TRIAL from license

Download Norav Medical Usb Devices Driver Updater

DownloadDownload Norav Medical USB Devices Driver

aSa v7.2
aSa Module: CAD/Detaling, Rebar Financials
Possible generate any license configuration.

DataGeosis Office Professional v7.9.5.9
Possible Include ALL Modules

AirBox v7.0.0.1221 PRO
ListBox v7.0.0.1221 PRO
and other Athensa LLC products
Possible make any modules configuration
Possible change expiration date

Download Norav Medical USB Devices Driver

Microcam v4.0
Remove China SafeNet SoftDog protection
Structural Engineering Library (SEL) v12.20.2.9
Generate Product Control Code
Generate Manual Activation Code
ProF2 v5.02.0010
Possible include all modules.

NcCenter v6.0.1.157
Solid v9.0.1.157

Eberick V5 Gold, V6, V7 e V8 2014.06
Hydros v4.R10

Cut Rite v11
Possible activate all modiles

auto-QC v3.5

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Download Norav Medical USB Devices Driver

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Download Norav Medical Usb Devices Drivers


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