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OPPO R9s Special Offers. Such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. Credit Cards Enjoy great Rewards plus hundreds of dollars worth. Download driver C-Media CMI8738 PCI Audio Device Drivers version 8.17.40 for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64). File Name - manual install (26 mb) all versions.

How to recover deleted photos on OPPO mobile? Yesterday I accidentally deleted almost 50+ photos while trying to move them in my OPPO mobile, is there any way to recover them?

Don't worry, it's a very common mistake that most of us make. There are multiple ways to recover deleted data on OPPO mobile, all you need to do is to try those ways as quickly as possible. There are a couple of integrated ways to recover data from OPPO mobile, or you can also choose an OPPO recovery tool for a more effective recovery. Go through the article and find out which way is best for you.

Part 1. Multiple Data Loss Scenarios on an OPPO Phone.

Phone Damage

The most common case in which you can lose data from your OPPO phone is the physical damage. The damage can be external or internal and can be a result of falling or getting into contact with water, but in every case, you can end up losing your data. The same applies to your OPPO phone's SD card as well, which can get damaged due to all the above-mentioned reasons including the dust and extreme temperature.

Software Issues

Software issues can occur in any of your Android devices, including your OPPO phone, resulting in loss of your data. The software issue can occur due to the bugs in the system, malware attacks, files containing a virus, etc. And all these can lead you to a point where all of your stored photos get corrupt. In that case, the only option you will be left with is to recover deleted photos on the OPPO phone.

Accidental Deletes

It's very easy to accidentally delete a photo on your Android phone. Most of your android phones, including your OPPO phone, comes with a one-touch delete option, a simple accidental touch on that button while exploring through your photos in the gallery can delete your important photo. You can also accidentally delete multiple selected photos while trying to move them or share them with some other device.

Part 2. Recover Lost Data with The Best OPPO Recovery Tool – Recoverit Data Recovery Tool

Now, if you have already lost your photos from OPPO mobile, and there is no backup for the data, the only way you are left with is to perform OPPO mobile data recovery with the help of an OPPO mobile recovery tool. You can choose from many available mobile recovery tools to recover deleted photos on the OPPO mobile, but we will suggest you go for a reliable and powerful data recovery tool.

You can choose Recoverit Data Recovery tool to recover deleted photos from OPPO mobile. It's the best recovery tool for your OPPO mobile because it's affordable, it's reliable, it comes with a lot of powerful features, and it can recover almost all of your lost data. The user-friendly interface of the Recoverit recovery tool can help you in recovering the photos on your OPPO mobile very easily. Also, the All-around scanning mode and the more aggressive Deep scanning modes in the Recoverit tool lets you scan the whole storage drive very aggressively, allowing you to recover each and every file.

Recoverit - The Best Recovery Software

Some Major Features of Recoverit Data Recovery Tool:

  • It can recover photos from your OPPO mobile and as well as from all the other Android phones, PC, laptops, Mac, SD cards, Hard Drives, etc.
  • It comes with a feature to Deep scan your storage drive for a more effective recovery.
  • Recoverit lets you recover up to 1000+ file types from your OPPO mobile or any other device.
  • Recoverit comes with a feature that allows you to pause the scanning process in between and then resume it anytime.
  • With the help of Recoverit, you can recover photos lost from your OPPO mobile due to any reason like accidental deletes, malware attacks, physical damage, etc.
  • Recoverit comes with a Bootable recovery feature that allows you to recover data from a crashed computer and not turning on.

Video: How to Recover Lost Data

Recovery Process:


To perform OPPO mobile data recovery, you need to first have the Recoverit Data Recovery tool installed on your system. Go to the Recoverit website and download the tool as per your OS i.e. Windows or Mac by simply clicking on the 'Download' button. Install the tool on your Windows or Mac system, and complete the registration process. Now, to recover deleted photos from OPPO mobile, take out your phone's SD card and simply plug it into your system with the help of a card reader.

Step 1. Launch the Recoverit Data Recovery program on your system by clicking on the app icon on the desktop, or by searching for the app through the search panel. The program will directly take you to a window having all of your system's storage devices listed, including your recently connected SD card. Now, go to the 'External Devices' section and select your connected SD card. Click on the 'Start' button to start OPPO mobile data recovery via your SD card.

Step 2. Your selected SD card will go under scanning, it will be scanned via the default All-around scanning feature of Recoverit. Wait until the scanning is done, it might take a little longer depending upon the size of the data. Once scanned, the Recoverit tool will list all the lost scanned files on a new window. You can preview the scanned files before recovery to ensure that you only recover what you need.

Step 3. To successfully perform OPPO mobile data recovery, you will be required to select the scanned files you want to recover. You can search for the files, or you can find out the files by navigating through the files, or you can sort the files as per their names of size. Once you have selected all the files that you want to recover, you can simply click on the 'Recover' button. Now, choose a secure location on your computer to restore the selected files and click 'Ok' on the next popup window.

You can wait until all of your selected files are restored to the selected location on your PC, and then you can simply access all the files through the location.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered the deleted data from your OPPO mobile.

Part 3. Restore the Lost Data from OPPO Cloud


If you are an OPPO mobile user, you get an advantage of the OPPO cloud to backup and restore your data. All you need is to register to the OPPO cloud from your device and link that account. After that, you can get the access to OPPO Cloud to recover deleted photos from ColorOS.

Step 1. Sync or Backup Your Data to OPPO Cloud

Simply navigate to the 'OPPO Cloud Backup' section in the 'Settings' on your OPPO phone. Once in, you will see two options, once will be the 'OPPO Cloud Backup' option and another will be the 'Backup Now' option. Enable the 'OPPO Cloud Backup' feature to automatically backup all of your data regularly on the OPPO cloud, and hit 'Backup Now' to back up all of your data right away.

Step 2. Restore data From OPPO Cloud

Restoring data from the OPPO cloud is really simple. On your device, set up your existing account with which you have your OPPO cloud linked. This will directly give you an option to restore the backed-up data. Or you can Sign-in to your OPPO Cloud and can initiate the restoring process.

You can try any of the above-mentioned methods to recover deleted photos from OPPO mobile phone. But if you don't have any backup of the lost photos, you will probably need to take help from an OPPO recovery tool to recover all the lost photos. You can always choose Recoverit Data Recovery tool, as it's one of the best OPPO recovery tools.


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