Download PLX Network & Wireless Cards Driver

PenLink is the industry preferred software provider for communications data analysis.

There are heroes out there making the world a better place to live, day-after-day, and we believe enabling those heroes not only makes their jobs easier but also makes our lives more secure.

The unified power of all PenLink’s. Your network settings or browser’s pop-up blocker may be blocking the page content. To email your inquiry. Hello all, just wanted to point out that if anyone is thinking of using this instructable but they realised that PLX-DAQ only supports older versions, there is another version by someone else that (I think) works with windows 10 etc, though i dunno really 'coz the forum was written in 2015 (but comments were saying something 'bout windows 10 so it prob'ly still works) or something and I haven.

It’s more than big data and analytics.
It’s about getting you the tools you need to fully enable your investigations.


It’s more than big data and analytics. It’s about getting you the tools you need to fully enable your investigations.

The unified power of all PenLink’s
analysis tools in one comprehensive solution.

The third-party connection that allows you to query telephone numbers and subscriber information directly from PLX.

Get a clearer understanding of unique and complex data problems.

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To email your inquiry, contact [email protected].

PenLink Support Technicians may need to remotely access your computer.
Remote access is at your discretion and under your complete control with PenLink secured TeamViewer client.

Customer Help Desk

Our expert support technicians are just a quick phone call away (402-421-9132) to help you through any difficulties. No waiting indefinitely on hold, no computerized voices, no navigating through an endless maze of menu selections. When you call, a real person answers the phone and you get fast, direct, and personal service.

CALEA Engineering

Download PLX Network & Wireless Cards drivers
Although standards exist, they do not guarantee that all intercept delivery systems will be the same. We pledge to keep your software up to date, to work with any switch-or network-based CALEA delivery system, whether it adheres to industry standards or uses proprietary surveillance data message formats. We have built our business and our reputation on interfacing PenLink with every intercept data source in use.

Web Support

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world, support is just a mouse click away at Get timely software updates, news, technical tips, and other information to help you solve your problems and get the job done.


We offer on-site installation and training, so that the time between install, set up, and using your system is minimized. Having expert on site is the quickest way to ensure that your software investment is maximized for all of your network users.

Monitor Training

Just like administrator training, PenLink installation experts will also train monitors on how to use the PenLink software. If you find yourself with new monitors that need to be trained on our system, we can return on-site to give them the instruction that they need to perform their everyday tasks with PenLink.

Training Services

We have formally trained over 3,000 people on our software products. We regularly provide on-site classes for agencies who want to train more than a few users. We also license our proven training software, data sets, and instructional materials and aides for agencies wishing to implement their own PenLink training program.

Download PLX Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

Administrator Training

When a PenLink/LINCOLN system is installed, we don’t just unpack the boxes, plug in cables, and hit the road. We will train individuals on-site for administrative duties concerning your PenLink and LINCOLN software. If your current PenLink/LINCOLN administrator needs to be retrained or has been replaced, give us a call and we can schedule additional training.

Take advantage remote support

Download Plx Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

Download the remote client

Download Plx Network & Wireless Cards Driver Windows 10

Click the button and follow the directions to get the latest client. Running the software as directed will get you the support you need.
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