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With only two clicks,you can download your favorite flashes easily. Move over the Flash using mouse,a float toolbar will appear at the top of the Flash,click the save button,you will get it.Another way: move over the Flash,right click,you will find.

Download pyramid drivers

Core player

Download pyramid drivers
  • Maximum number of tracks played at the same time: 64
  • Maximum number of patterns per track: 32
  • Maximum number of sequences (group of tracks & patterns): 32
  • Maximum number of projects: 256
  • Maximum number of events (notes, CC, ...) per project: 10000
  • Maximum number of effects per project: 320
  • Track length: 1/4 bar (a quarter note) to 384 bars
  • Track time signature: 1/1 to 24/16 or 1:1 to 24:16
  • Recording resolution: 96ppqn
  • Tempo: 10.0 to 999.9 BPM

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  • The package provides the installation files for Pyramid Phoenix Printer Driver version If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version.
  • Official AARP Pyramid Solitaire. A free online solitaire card game where the player tries to match pairs of cards with a rank that totals 13.
Download pyramid driversTracks
  • Maximum number of notes per step (polyphony): unlimited
  • Maximum number of CC automation per step: unlimited
  • Maximum number of FX automation per step: unlimited
  • Maximum number of effects per track: 5
  • Maximum number of assignations per track: 131
  • Note pitch: C-1 to G9
  • Note velocity: 0 to 127
  • Note width: 1/96th to 384 bars
  • Note Offset: 0% to 99%
  • Zoom: /4 (1 step = 4 quarter notes) to x16 (1 step = 1/64th note)
  • Automation recording, drawing, importing, exporting: CC0 to CC119, pitch, mono pressure, program change, effects parameters, BPM

  • MIDI in (to control Pyramid with a MIDI controller, multitrack or omni input)
  • Plug and play mini USB MIDI in
  • 4x CV in (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
  • 2x PEDAL in (stereo jack 6.35)

Download Pyramid DriverOutputs
  • MIDI out A (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments) (turbo midi ready)
  • MIDI out B (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments)
  • Plug and play mini USB MIDI out (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments)
  • DYN sync out (available on the MIDI out B)
  • CV out (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
  • ENV out (secondary CV, e.g. to sequence filters) (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
  • GATE out (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]

User interface
  • 35 backlit silicon button pads
  • Menu clickable encoder
  • 5 assignable clickable encoders
  • Assignable touchpad (105x65mm)
  • White backlit high contrast LCD screen (15µm dot gap)
  • SD card slot to save your projects and upgrade the OS.

  • Power supply: mini USB bus (5V, 500mA) (included)
  • Housing: machined aluminium 2mm, dark black
  • Size: 206x268x44mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
  • Kensington security lock

Download pyramid driver freePyramid is engineered in Paris and assembled in France.

Download Pyramid Driver Free

User guide

Designed to be..... Predictable

Plug the Reliance in and begin experiencing years of trouble-free service. Trust in the developer friendly environment that customers all around the world have been accustomed to. From the esthetically pleasing design to its robust form factor, Reliance couples art with functionality in a thermal printer design that only Pyramid could produce. Experience the advantage that others in the industry have come to rely on. Reliance is your thermal printer of choice.

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Product Highlights

Made in the USA

Welcome Custom Applications

Drop in Replacement for Custom VKP 80 and VKP 80 II

Download Pyramid Drivers

Built in presenter function

Download Pyramid Drivers License

Reliance Accessory Arm Installation Guide


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