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Orbit™ Portable Spirometer - Full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your PC, laptop or tablet - Simplifies spirometry by eliminating calibration and sterilization with disposable nose-clips and pre-calibrated mouthpieces - Integrates with Office Medic software to analyze and customize spirometry data and reports - Meets the ATS/ERS 2005 Standard, British Thoracic.

QRS Diagnostic, LLC (National Biomedical LLC) is an ambulatory cardiac monitoring company that designs and develops their own ECG products. National Biomedical LLC was founded in 1994-1995 and is headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The company specializes Holter Monitoring and Cardiac Event Monitoring technologies including ECG software analysis & management of the ECG data.

QRS Diagnostic also provides a patient information management system called the ‘Office Medic’. This patient management system allows users to acquire, store, and review diagnostic ECG data using laptop, desktop, or mobile tablet. QRS Diagnostic offers its products through a domestic network as well as overseas.

QRS Diagnostic takes a unique stance to offer high quality & cost-effective Holter Monitoring devices available, Through continuous development and innovation, QRS Diagnostic complies with all applicable regulatory and manufacturing requirements such as ISO 13485 Registered Quality Management System and are CE marked in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring

QRS Diagnostic clearly markets their products and services as a high quality solution at a fraction of the cost of other Holter Monitoring products. According to QRS, their Holter Monitoring devices & software are estimated at ’25 percent to 50 percent less’ than traditional Holter Monitoring devices. In addition to being a lower cost provider, QRS products are known to be diverse in function with expedited analysis capabilities. QRS Diagnostic has recently introduced a new multi-function Holter / Cardiac Event Recorder called the Q200/HE. This device a combination of a 24 hour – 14-day Holter monitor plus functions as a 30-day event recorder. The Q200/HE interfaces with the QRS Holter LX Analysis software to quickly & accurately capture transient cardiac events with flexible reporting capabilities.

Holter LX Analysis Software provides varying levels & capabilities based on the needs of each customer. The Q200/HE interfaces with Holter LX Analysis to view, interpret, analyze and report the ECG data. The Holter LX Analysis software is available in several languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German and Turkish languages.

  • Office Medic is easy-to-use software that ships with all QRS ECGs and spirometers. Office Medic allows you to acquire, store and review diagnostic data using an off-the-shelf laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • QRS Diagnostic is a recognised name throughout the medical industry. QRS has revolutionized the cardiology and respiratory specialties with a commitment to producing the finest, most cost effective medical devices in the world. The QRS product range includes the Universal.

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For more information, click QRS Diagnostic Holter Monitors & Software.

Legal & Safety Notice

QRS Diagnostic has a sound reputation for manufacturing products with all of the safety accreditations including ISO & CE® mark. There is no public notices regarding QRS Diagnostic Holter Monitoring products

PC-based ECG, with interpretation. Click for more info.
The Universal EKG is a complete PC-based electrocardiograph system that delivers unparalleled ease-of-use and portability. A complete 12 lead EKG solution (utilizing 10-leadwire cable.) You can acquire and analyze up to 12 channels of high-resolution EKG data anywhere, anytime. Plug the Universal EKG into your computer and you're ready to begin testing.
QRS Diagnostic, a Minnesota based technology company, has been a pioneer in PC based EKG and Spirometry.
The Universal EKG displays real-time EKG data on-screen, instantly performs a full set of measurements and offers optional interpretation. In addition, the EKG eliminates costly thermal paper by printing a variety of comprehensive reports on standard copier paper.
Software in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
Includes EKG PC software CD with Windows (does not include computer,) 12-lead EKG patient cable, tab and snap adapter sets, 40 disposable electrodes, user's manual. 3 year warranty (1 year on leadwires) and free telephone technical support.
Now utilizes simple USB connection to computer.
Sale Price:$2,375.00
Download qrs diagnostic driver practice
A full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your personal computer, laptop or tablet. Simplifies spirometry testing by eliminating calibration and sterilization with disposable nose-clips and pre-calibrated mouthpieces. Integrates with Office Medic™ software and your EMR system. The pre-calibrated mouthpieces and nose clips are disposable, eliminating the need for sterilization and calibration.
No batteries required with this device because its power is drawn from the PC. The PC and EMR connectivity allows for unlimited storage space. Comes with (2) Pressure Tubes, (5) Nose Clips, (2) Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces and Office Medic™ software.
Language Options: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.
All spirometry graphs can be viewed real-time on your computer while our Pocket Medic software simultaneously translates data into the reports you need for diagnosis. Hundreds of test results can be stored for future printing and exporting. Prints on standard copier paper on your printer.
Range: Flow 14 liters/second. Volume 0-8 liters BTPS
Performs FVC, pre/post testing, Flow Volume Loop, MVV, SVC, narrative interpretation
Measuring Time: FVC, up to 30 seconds
Includes Orbit Spirometer with Windows software (computer not included.) USB connection. Includes 2 disposable mouthpieces, 2 pressure tubes, user's manual, 3 year warranty.
Sale Price:$1,189.00
Unbelievable value! The total QRS Office Medic system.
Includes for EKG: Full narrative interpretation 12 lead EKG Card software, patient cable, tab and snap adapters, user's manual, 40 disposable electrodes, 3 year warranty.
Includes for Spirometry: Spiro Orbit software, FVC, Flow Volume Loop, pre/post testing, MVV, SVC, narrative interpretation, 2 disposable mouthpieces, 2 pressure tubes, user's manual, 3 year warranty.

Download Qrs Diagnostic Driver Practice

Have a question? Ask Walt, our resident authority. Walt can usually be reached during regular business hours Eastern Time at 1-800-231-6523 or 978-562-4642, or click here to email.
Have a question? Ask Walt, our resident authority.

Download Qrs Diagnostic Drivers

Download Qrs Diagnostic Driver
Use your PC to record EKG, Spirometry and Ambulatory BP. See bottom of this page for computer requirements.
QRS Diagnostics.
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