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  2. Download Rose Point Driver Download
Download Update This will update an existing Rose Point ECS 4.0 installation to the latest version.
Download Full Setup This is a large download (about 300MB) and is only needed to setup Rose Point ECS 4.0 on a new PC.

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Release History

Released 14 July 2020


  • Fixed problem where AIS Sensor Panel showed own-ship ETA one month late
  • Don’t save/restore the cursor tool mode anymore (so people that accidentally select the wrong one can get back to the default easily)
  • Handle ChartWorld files with names like * and * (in addition to *.zip.prm and *.zip.s63)
  • Mark text with the default color will now be drawn as gray in dusk and night modes
  • Fixed a problem where printing some routes would not show all of the legs
  • Fixed a problem where changing days on a tide/current page didn’t scroll the graph or update the daily events
  • Fixed problem where changing the waypoint style would not immediately recalculate the total route length
  • Made the instrument panel edit mode button toggle editing mode rather than just starting it
  • Fixed a problem where AIS heading offsets set prior to V4 were still being used
  • Fixed a problem handling changes to chart boundaries
  • Added the ability to prevent automatic AIS updates during departure
  • Fleet Services: Fixed problem with uploading large amounts of accumulated tracking data
Released 19 August 2019


  • Hide AIS vessels reporting N/A position (rather than showing them at 0 N 0 E)
  • Fixed problem where Nav Pubs were sometimes inaccessible when offline at startup
  • Fixed crash when cancelling the creation of a RBL that shares its first mark with another RBL
  • Don’t delete pre-existing mark when cancelling the creation of a RBL that uses that as its first mark
  • Added up/down controls to the own-ship display VRM range options
  • Increased timeout waiting for AIS to respond to vessel and voyage changes to 3 seconds
  • Fixed performance issue in Route Monitor with very long river routes
  • Ignore MWV sentences that don’t contain a valid angle and speed (rather than using zero)
Released 29 May 2019


  • Changed the backing-down detection for look-ahead/heading-up mode to provide a more stable display when “stationary”
  • Disable route obstacle checking during synchronization and perform a fresh check when synchronization is finished
Released 30 April 2019


  • Fixed problem where some systems could not show All Instruments in the new Add Instrument page
  • Changed new analog clock to be more analog
  • Show mile marker position in cursor status area on chart controls (+Inland)
  • Correctly pickup AIS vessel size after clearing a manually entered size
  • Fixed problem saving and restoring sensor options for NMEA 2000 devices
  • Fixed closing Rose Point ECS when Exclusive Application Mode is enabled
  • Change Install link to Remove after installing additional gazetteer and change Remove link to Install after removing one
  • Shorten names of daybeacons when the “Shorten ATON Names” option is enabled
  • Updated to WMM2015v2, the World Magnetic Model update recently released by NOAA
  • Updated link to USACE IENC Discrepancy Reporting page
  • SERVICES: Rearranged backup storage structure and added an index file (old folder was called “Rose Point Nav Pubs”; new folder is called “Rose Point Backups”)
  • SERVICES: Delete cancelled pubs from backup
  • SERVICES: Fixed issue with updating some pub backups
  • API: Added real-time value to NavData API
Released 25 March 2019


  • Fixed problem downloading charts and accessing some other services when certificate revocation server access is blocked by a firewall
Released 05 March 2019

Coastal Explorer

This is the first release of Rose Point ECS version 4!

Download Rose Point Driver Download

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