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The driver, designated as 1-wood for those just getting deeper into the sport, is designed to hit the ball the farthest with a makeup and design that make it difficult for amateurs or recreational golfers to master. This means that generally the best golf drivers are made for professional use and are of the highest quality.

Balancing the need that you have with the results you expect from the driver and the cost can be difficult, especially considering how rarely you may use the driver at all.

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To help you sort through all of the facts and information, we have developed this guide to include the aspects that are most important and some of the most popular drivers on the market.

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  • Flex. The flex is something that affects the flight of the ball. Lighter, less stiff options mean that there will be higher ball flight while heavier shafts with stiffer flex will send the ball at a lower height with more of a rightward shape. Manufacturers make flex options of regular, senior, and extra still with specialty options including ladies and senior. Stiff flex shafts are better for accuracy and those with fast swing speeds while the lighter options are better for those that swing at a slower pace. The average golfer, however, should opt for a driver with regular flex.
  • Loft. The loft is something that determines how high or low the ball will fly from the clubface. Loft also adds backspin, which will allow the ball to go higher into the air. The more loft, the more backspin. If you have a slower swing speed then you will want to choose a driver with a loft of 10+.
  • Material. Most of the best golf drivers on the market today have titanium or carbon composite heads. These materials are lighter than steel and make it easy for companies to create drivers that have a bigger sweet spot. The shafts are generally made of graphite rather than the traditional steel.

Top 10 Golf Drivers Comparison Chart

PictureNameFlexPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Cobra Men's Fly Z DriverRegular$$4.7
2. Callaway Men's X2 Hot DriverStiff$$$4.6
3. Callaway Men's Big Bertha DriverStiff$$$$4.6
4. Cobra Men's Bio Cell Golf DriverRegular$$$4.5
5. Adams XTD Ti DriverRegular$$$$4.4
6. TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner DriverRegular$$4.4
7. Nike Golf Men's VRS Covert 2.0 Golf DriverRegular$$4.4
8. Cleveland Golf Classic XL DriverStiff$4.4
9. Adams Golf Men's Speedline Super S DriverRegular$$$4.1
10. TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men'sStiff$4.1

Tips for Buying Good Golf Drivers

The size of the club head is important but you should also be wary of the myths about the results they provide. It is often said that the larger the clubhead, the longer you will be able to hit the ball, which does make sense when you consider that a larger head provides the golfer with a larger sweet spot.

There are drivers however that come so big that they hinder play. The average weekend player should get a club with a head size of about 450cc or club centimeters. Even though you may hit the ball farther with an even bigger head, you will likely hit the driver on the ground and will definitely sacrifice accuracy.

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NOTE: For the average golfer, there is a set of features that work together well. This is good to know when you need a place to start and a point to compare your needs. These specifics include choosing regular flex as well as a 10-11 degree loft.


Top 5 Best Golf Drivers Reviews


When you buy the Cobra Men’s Fly Driver you get what you would expect from such a well-known brand and high quality product. The feel of this driver is really good and matches a normal swing speed, which is always a great point.

One of the things that make this product an appealing option is the fact that it is adjustable. Not only that but the grips are really good and the color and style always get some jealous comments from other golfers on the greens.

When you hit the ball just right on the sweet spot, you will get amazing results and even when you miss-swing but still make contact the results are never as negative as they would be with a lesser driver.

2. WD RH X 2 HOT DR 10.5 GR LGT-P

With the Callaway brand, you can always expect good things and the Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Driver is no different. This is a driver that will really give you the distance you want and it also has all of the features that make playing comfortable.

This particular driver is straightforward for most players and is very forgiving when you haven’t hit the ball perfectly. You will notice an improvement in the way that you will with this driver over the way that you might have played with others. Gaining confidence to use this kind of wood is well worth getting into using this brand and this particular club.

If you want a really good driver that will deliver the results that you want then this really is the best option, though it is worth testing out in the shops so you can see for yourself.

3. Callaway 400715134137-P

The two biggest selling features of Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver is firstly that it offers loft adjustability as well as forgiveness for a golfer just getting used to the wood for distance shots.

This is a beautiful driver with an impressive build that makes it appealing even before you see how it feels. From the very first time that you use this driver, you will feel a difference in the way that you hit. The ball really does go perfectly straight with this driver, which is really unheard of.


The thing that you will notice the most is that you are putting much less effort into your swings to get the same results that you would have gotten from other models. For the price, this is a great model for those that switch out their drivers frequently and it is also good for those that are just getting deeper into the sport and expanding their club collection.


Once you get to the point where you are investing in particular drivers, you have seen and felt others before. Having said that, when you compare any driver that you have used to the Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver, you will notice a serious difference in the quality of how you play.

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With just a few hours on the range practicing, you will be able to hit the ball farther and more consistently than with most other examples of the best golf drivers on the market. This is a great option for those non-professional players that are working towards getting better without getting too close to the professional prices.

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Consistency with this driver is really great for players of all capabilities. There is no hooking when you hit and there is nothing but hits!

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5. Adams Golf XTD TI

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The Adams XTD Ti Driver is the real deal in terms of how much it can improve your playing and how easy it is to use. You will constantly get the drives that you have always been lacking or the accuracy to go along with your abilities will finally come together for great results.

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Even when your swing isn’t perfectly aligned or is lacking your usual power, the driver will give you a response that won’t totally mess up your game. This kind of forgiveness is something that will improve your game overall.

The classic look of this driver is always appealing and paired with effectiveness makes for an unbeatable combination. It will feel good in your hands and give you great distance whenever you make proper contact.

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