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February 11, 2021

The rise in the volume of data being handled by businesses has made cloud backup the go-to data protection solution. In addition to the availability of unlimited storage space, online backup also offers cost-efficiency, scalability, and ease of access. However, you cannot be too hasty when choosing a cloud backup solution for your business. You need a data protection and business recovery plan that is reliable, secure, and offers value-adding features. The good news is, you can check all these boxes and more with IDrive online backup solution!

Drivers Pro Softnet Graphics Card

Here are a few reasons why you should subscribe to IDrive:

Drivers Pro Softnet Graphic Design


Drivers Pro Softnet Graphics

  • Multiple device backup with a single account - Backup all your PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices to a single cloud backup account at one price. As your business grows, you can continue to add devices to your account without any additional charges.
  • Manage computer backups remotely via the Dashboard - View and manage the online backup activities of your computers from a remote location via the Internet.
  • IDrive secures data during storage and transfer with 256-bit AES encryption - Your data is secure at all times with industry-standard encryption.
  • Full control of data privacy - Take full control of the privacy of your data by setting a Private Key which is not saved anywhere on the servers.

IDrive's online backup and restore features that stand out from the rest

Drivers pro softnet graphics
  • Disk Image Backup - Backup entire hard drives as 'image' files with system-restore capabilities. IDrive's disk imaging captures data with the information and content structure intact – including the OS, system settings, and application configurations.
  • IDrive® Snapshots - The 'Snapshots' feature provides a historical view of your backed up data and lets you perform point-in-time data recovery.
  • Versioning - IDrive retains the latest 30 versions of your files without consuming additional storage space. This feature lets you retrieve previous file versions in the unfortunate event of data loss or file corruption.
  • Continuous Data Protection - IDrive online backup identifies modifications made to files and folders, less than 500 MB, and back them up in near real-time.
  • Online File Sync - In addition to cloud backup storage, IDrive offers bonus sync storage of the same limit. Activate 'Sync' function for your IDrive cloud backup account to locally store and sync critical data across all linked devices.

IDrive's free online backup plan helps you to protect precious data from all your devices. IDrive offers a Basic Plan with 5 GB free online storage. The plan is free for the lifetime of your account and you don't need a credit card to get started. All you need to do is create a free account with IDrive and start backing up data safely in the secure IDrive cloud. Sign up today!

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