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A single point of support around the clock. GearHead Technical Support makes it easy to fix issues on not just your NETGEAR purchase but for your entire home network. The service includes support for the following: NETGEAR and non-NETGEAR network devices; Desktop and Notebook PCs, Printers, Scanners, and more.

  • NETGEAR WG111U USB Bootloader Download. HP hs2300 HSDPA Smart Card Reader.
  • Driver Details Driver Download NETGEAR M4200-10MG-PoE+ Managed Switch USB Console Driver driver If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version. Take into consideration that is not.
  • Click Firmware and Software Downloads. Under Current Versions, select the firmware version that you want to download and then click the Download button. Unzip the downloaded file and run the.exe file. Follow the onscreen instructions to update the firmware on your device.
45.0 MB


  • My Media—Find and play music and video files anywhere in your network from your smartphone/tablet
  • Makes any printer AirPrint compatible so you can print from an iPad or iPhone
  • Now with EZ Mobile Connect securely connect smartphones and tablets to your home wireless network with the scan of a QR code.

What's New:

  • macOS version updated to 2.4.42
  • Android version updated to 3.1.78

For Android:

NetGear genie App is an easy, way to manage, monitor and repair your home network--from the palm of your hand. While on your home network NetGear genie app allows you anywhere-in-the-house access to all the cool features on your router without having to boot up your computer: Wireless Settings, Network Map, Live Parental Controls, Guest Access, Traffic Metering, My Media, and more. All you need is your tablet or smartphone and NetGear genie App.

  • Easily control your home network through the genie dashboard
  • Stream Media—find and play music and video files anywhere in your network from your smartphone/tablet
  • Print from your iPad or iPhone--Windows or Mac genie makes any printer AirPrint compatible
  • Securely connect smartphones and tablets to your home wireless network with the scan of a QR code thanks to EZ Mobile Connect
  • Adds the option to allow users to manually enter the router’s IP address (note that some NETGEAR routers have a bug with fixed IP in AP mode that won’t allow Genie to log in, make sure the router in AP mode is getting dynamic IP from existing router.)
  • Adds Reboot Router function
  • Adds WiFi Analytics function
  • Improves Turbo Transfer
  • Displays the connected wireless network name, so user knows which network the device is connected to.
  • Various bug fixes

Supported Routers:

All listed and subsequent product versions (i.e. v2, v3, etc.) are supported.

  • R7000
  • R6300
  • R6250
  • AC1450
  • R6200
  • R6100
  • Centria (WNDR4700, WND4720)
  • WNDR4500
  • WNDR4300
  • WNDR3700v3
  • WNDR3400v2
  • WNR3500Lv2
  • WNR2500
  • WNR2200
  • WNR2000v3
  • WNR1500
  • WNR1000v2
  • WNR612v2
  • WNDR4000
  • WNDR3800
  • JNR3210

DSL Modem Gateway:

  • D6300
  • D6200
  • DGND4000
  • DGND3800B
  • DGND3700v2
  • DGN2200v3
  • DGN1000

Previous versions:

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Driver Download For Windows 10

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Netgear Others Driver Download Windows 10

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Netgear Others Driver Download Windows 10

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