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HUAWEI MODEMS & ROUTERS FIRST ALGO (R1) UNLOCK CODE. E150, E1550, E1750, E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170, E172, E176, E180, E182E, E196. Drivers of modems comes with dashboard / connection manager of modem. In market Visiontek 82GH NetSetter comes locked to Airtel and BSNL network in India, but it also comes already unlocked. The best part of Visiontek 3G modems is it comes with auto apn facility, means just connect your modem to PC and let it install the all drivers which is.

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NOTE: As a WatchGuard ONE contact you are signing this on behalf of null.

NOTE: As a WatchGuard ONE contact you are signing this on behalf of null.

Supported 3G/4G USB cellular modems for modem failover

What 3G/4G USB cellular modems can I use with WatchGuard Firebox and XTM devices?

Ntt Docomo Modems Driver Login

These Firebox and XTM devices support modems:

  • T10
  • T15
  • T20
  • T30
  • T35
  • T40
  • T50
  • T55
  • T70
  • T80
  • M200
  • M270
  • M300
  • M370
  • M400
  • M470
  • M500
  • M570
  • M670
  • XTM 2 Series
  • XTM 3 Series
  • XTM 5 Series
    To use a 3G/4G USB cellular modem with an XTM 330 or 5 Series device, you must use Fireware v11.7.4 or higher.

USB dial-up modems are not supported.

Connect a serial or 3G/4G modem to a USB port on the Firebox.

  • To use a serial modem, you must have a dial-up account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • To use a 3G/4G modem, the Firebox must use the minimum version of Fireware OS that supports the modem and you must have a 3G or 4G data plan with a wireless service provider.

You can configure these modems on your Firebox:

Carrier3G/4G USB DeviceVendor ID (VID)Product ID (PID)Fireware OS Requirement
N/A (UK and NL)

D-Link DWM-221

0x20010x7e19v11.10.7 or higher
N/A (UK and NL)D-Link DWM-222*0x0BDB0x1926v12.0 or higher
AT&TNetgear 340U**0x11990x9051v11.10.2 or higher
AT&TSierra 313U0x0f3d0x68aav11.7.4 or higher
AT&TSierra Elevate 4G0x11990x68a3v11.8.3 Update 1 or higher
AT&TNetgear BEAM0x11990x9051v11.12.2 or higher
AT&TVelocity MF8610x19d20x1405v12.1 or higher
Bell CanadaHuawei E83720x12d10x14dbv11.10.7 or higher
Deutsche TelekomHuawei E33720x12d10x1506v11.10.7 or higher
Deutsche TelekomHuawei E33720x12d10x14dcv11.12 or higher
NTT / DoCoMo (Japan) NCXX UX302
0x11f60x1035v12.2 or higher
NTT DoCoMo / au by KDDI / Softbank (Japan)Fuji Soft FS040U0x1C9E0xF133v12.2 or higher
SFR (FR)Huawei E33720x12d10x14dcv11.12 or higher
SprintFranklin U6020x1facUnknownv11.7.3 or higher
SprintSierra 250UN/AN/Av11.7.3 or higher
SprintFranklin U301N/AN/Av11.9.1 or higher
SprintNetgear 341U0x11990x9055v11.8.3 or higher
SprintNetgear 341U (revision)0x11990x9057v12.2 or higher
SprintFranklin U7720x1fac0x0232v11.12.2 or higher
Telcel (MX)Huawei E33720x12d10x14dcv11.12 or higher
Telus (CA)Netgear 340U**0x11990x9051v11.10.2 or higher
T-MobileZTE MF6830x19d20x0157v11.7.3 or higher
T-MobileZTE MF1900x19d20x0117v11.9.3 or higher
T-Mobile (NL)Huawei E33720x12d10x1506v11.10.7 or higher
T-Mobile (NL)Huawei E33720x12d10x14dcv11.12 or higher
Telstra (ANZ)Huawei E83720x12d10x14dbv11.10.7 or higher
Telstra (ANZ)Sierra 320U0x0f3d0x68aav11.8.1 or higher
VerizonPantech UML2950x10a90x6064v11.10.2 or higher
VerizonNovatel USB551L0x14100xb001v11.7.4 or higher
VerizonNovatel U620L0x14100x9022v11.10.5 or higher
VerizonGlobal Modem USB730L*0x14100x9032***v12.1.1 or higher

*The D-Link DWM-222 and Verizon Global Modem USB730L modems require more power than the USB port can supply on T10 or T15 Fireboxes. You may experience poor modem performance or frequent modem reboots. To use these modems with your Firebox, you can connect a powered USB hub to the Firebox and connect the modem to the hub. Other modem models might be affected.

** To use the Netgear 340U with your Firebox, you might have to disable the Identity Morphing feature on the modem. For more information, see NETGEAR AC340U modem not working with Firebox .

These serial modems are also supported:

  • Zoom FaxModem 56K model 2949
  • MultiTech 56K Data/Fax Modem International
  • OMRON ME5614D2 Fax/Data Modem
  • Hayes 56K V.90 serial fax modem
*** In some cases, your Firebox might fail to properly detect the U730L modem, and the PID will appear as 0x9032 instead of the correct 0x9031. This indicates the modem is in a debug or diagnostic mode.
To resolve this issue, follow these steps to revert the modem to Enterprise mode:
  1. Connect the USB730L to a client PC.
  2. With a web browser, connect to
  3. Under Device Mode, click Enterprise Mode.
  4. Wait about 2 minutes while the modem restarts. then click Save Changes to confirm the mode change.

For XTM 21, 22, and 23 devices, you must use an IOGEAR GUC323A USB to Serial RS-232 adapter to connect a serial modem to the USB port.

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BG96 is an LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS module offering maximum data rates of 375 kbps downlink and uplink. It features global frequency bands, ultra-low power consumption, and is compatible with Quectel LTE Standard module EG91/EG95, LPWA module BC95-G/BG95, UMTS/HSPA module UG95/UG96 and GSM/GPRS module M95.

With a cost-effective SMT form factor of 26.5 mm × 22.5 mm × 2.3 mm and high integration level, BG96 enables integrators and developers to easily design their applications and take advantage from the module's low power consumption and mechanical intensity. Its advanced LGA package allows fully automated manufacturing for high-volume applications.

A rich set of Internet protocols, industry-standard interfaces (USB/UART/I2C/Status Indicator) and abundant functionalities (USB drivers for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux and Android) extend the applicability of the module to a wide range of M2M applications such as wireless POS, smart metering, tracking, etc.

Key Benefits

● LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS module with ultra-low power consumption

● Compact SMT form factor ideal for size-constrained applications with tight space

● Easy migration from Quectel GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA and LTE modules


Ntt Docomo Modems Driver Modem

● Super slim profile in LGA package

Ntt Docomo Modems Driver Download

● Fast time-to-market: reference designs, evaluation tools and timely technical support minimize design-in time and development efforts

● Robust mounting and interfaces

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