Pantech Port Devices Driver Download

In order to assign real-time capability to a standard Ethernet port of an IPC controller, the Beckhoff real-time driver has to be installed on this port under Windows.

  1. Pantech Port Devices Driver Download Win 7
  2. Pantech Port Devices Driver Downloads

This can be done in several ways. One option is described here.

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In the System Manager call up the TwinCAT overview of the local network interfaces via Options → Show Real Time Ethernet Compatible Devices.

This have to be called up by the Menü “TwinCAT” within the TwinCAT 3 environment:

The following dialog appears:

Interfaces listed under “Compatible devices” can be assigned a driver via the “Install” button. A driver should only be installed on compatible devices.

A Windows warning regarding the unsigned driver can be ignored.

Pantech Port Devices Driver Download Win 7

Alternatively an EtherCAT-device can be inserted first of all as described in chapter Offline configuration creation, section “Creating the EtherCAT device” in order to view the compatible ethernet ports via its EtherCAT properties (tab “Adapter”, button “Compatible Devices…”):

Pantech port devices driver download windows 10
EtherCAT device properties(TwinCAT 2): click on “Compatible Devices…” of tab “Adapte””

Pantech Port Devices Driver Downloads

TwinCAT 3: the properties of the EtherCAT device can be opened by double click on “Device .. (EtherCAT)” within the Solution Explorer under “I/O”:

After the installation the driver appears activated in the Windows overview for the network interface (Windows Start → System Properties → Network)

PantechPantechPantech Port Devices Driver DownloadDownload

A correct setting of the driver could be:

Exemplary correct driver setting for the Ethernet port
Incorrect driver settings for the Ethernet port
In most cases an Ethernet port that is configured as an EtherCAT device will not transport general IP packets. For this reason and in cases where an EL6601 or similar devices are used it is useful to specify a fixed IP address for this port via the “Internet Protocol TCP/IP” driver setting and to disable DHCP. In this way the delay associated with the DHCP client for the Ethernet port assigning itself a default IP address in the absence of a DHCP server is avoided. A suitable address space is 192.168.x.x, for example.
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