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Perle Knowledgebase
Trueport for Windows and Seiko SLP


How to configure Trueport and the Iolan DS1 for the Seiko SLP label printer.


Verify that the Perle Device Server is using at least version 1.0.0G (B30) firmware. Upgrade if required.
Verify that the TruePort release level is a minimum 1.0.5 maintenance release.
For further details please refer to the Trueport User Guide and the IOLAN DS User Guide.

Installing and configuring TruePort for Windows

Copy the TruePort driver executable to the workstation. Run the executable to extract the driver files.

Run the Update utility found in the TruePort driver directory.

Start the Add Hardware Wizard.

Note: Windows Server 2003 answer 'Yes' when asked if the hardware is connected also the prompts may differ slightly for this OS.

In the Add Hardware Wizard, do the following:

  • Select 'Add a device'
  • Select 'Add a new device'
  • Select 'No, I want to select the hardware from a list'
  • Select 'Multiport serial adapters'
    • Select Manufacturer = Perle Systems Ltd
    • Select Model = Iolan DS family

Start the Windows Device Manager. Double-click on the Iolan DS Family Device icon found under Multiport Serial adapters and then:

  • Select the Configuration tab
  • Verify that the Mode = Full
  • Change the Number of Ports = 1
  • Select Enable Serial Read/Write Delay
    • Set an Additional Read and Write Delay
      • Suggested values: SLP 100 = Read Delay 100mm and Additional Write Delay 50ms. SLP 200 = Read Delay 0ms and Additional Write Delay 50ms.
      • You can tailor these values for your environment; if the printer is ‘jerky,’ decrease the Additional Write Delay, but if the labels are not printing correctly, you should increase the Additional Write Delay.

Note: The First TCP Port number, as you will need this to configure the IOLAN Device Server. If you are installing multiple IOLAN Device Server units, verify that the First TCP port number does not conflict with other IOLAN DS Family Device Server devices.

Perle IOLAN DS Family Device Server

Configure the IOLAN Device Server to communicate on the network and over the WAN if required. Verify that the Windows host can ping the IOLAN Device Server.

Configuring the IOLAN Device Server

Network Configurationà Host Configurationà Add host

  • Create an entry for the Windows TruePort host.

Line Configurationà Service = Silent Raw

Silent Raw Configuration

  • Select the Windows TruePort host entry created above.
  • Change the Host port to equal the TCP port configured for the TruePort device above.
    • Leave all other line settings at default.

Save the changes

Kill the Line.

Once TruePort negotiates the TCP connection initiated by the IOLAN Device Server, it will start the New Hardware wizard to create the TruePort COM port. Windows will allocate the next available COM port number to this device.

Repeat the steps above when adding additional Perle Device Servers.

Make sure that the TruePort and DS Port number used is not replicated.

If you have multiple IOLAN Device Server devices, make a note of which IOLAN Device Server is allocated to what COM number.

You can then run the Seiko printer software to add the printer to this new COM port.

Perle Port Devices Drivers

Note: The Seiko driver recognises COM ports 1 through 9. If necessary, the local COM ports can be changed to port numbers above 9 to free them up.

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Perle Port Devices Driver

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