Practical Automation Driver Download For Windows 10

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Download modem drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver scan and update. Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x64, x86) Category. Microsoft Windows. Most versions of MS Windows that are currently still supported by Microsoft should work with Selenium. Although we use the latest MS Windows to troubleshoot things, it does not mean Selenium won't attempt to support different versions of Windows.

The Driver Automation Tool is a GUI developed in PowerShell which provides full automation of BIOS and driver downloads, extraction, packaging and distribution with Dell, HP, Lenovo & Microsoft client hardware.

The intuitive GUI provides you with a full list of models from the supported manufacturer, allowing you to select one or many models, it also will detect Dell and Lenovo models matched against the WMI models known to ConfigMgr.

How does it work

When the tool is opened, you have the option to select your manufacturer and OS of choice. When you click on the Find Models button, the tool initiates a download of XML content from the selected manufacturer, reads in the XML and displays a full list of models for selection. Clicking on the Add to Import List adds each of these models for processing and once you click on the Start Download and Import Process button the tool starts the full process to automatically download and package the content.

Custom and fallback packages

For those manufacturers who do not provide direct model XML feeds, you can also use the tool to create custom driver packages based on the same naming schema. This is important when it comes to combining the use of this tool with our Modern Driver & BIOS Management solutions (see our solutions section).

If you also wish to cater for those unknown models in your environment and provide a basic list of generic drivers to attempt a match on, there is also the ability to create a Driver Fallback Package. When used with the UseDriverFallback switch with our MDM solution, if a suitable model match is not found then a fall-back package which matches the OS being deployed is downloaded. Driver matching is then attempted within the contents of this package.

MDT Support

Although primarily designed for use with ConfigMgr, the tool also supports MDT. Here you will find the ability to select your deployment shares as well as dynamic creation of folder hierarchies based on total control naming methods

The Driver Automation Tool provides full model listings from the following manufacturers: Dell, HP, Lenovo & Microsoft.

Note: Model listings with the exception of Microsoft are provided by the manufactures in their XML feeds, so models will vary depending on the current support level for each model.


  • Site server selection
  • Automatic site code discovery
  • Distribution point and distribution point group selection
  • Binary differential replication
  • Distribution priority
  • Clean up of unused drivers
  • Removal of superseded driver packages
  • Removal of source download packages
  • Driver & BIOS piloting
  • Driver & BIOS deployment state management (production, pilot, retired)


  • Auto or manual selection of the MDT PS module
  • Deployment share listing
  • Folder structure naming

Comprehensive documentation is contained within a PDF included in the download.



If you work in a busy office environment or have ever worked in one, then you most certainly have considered automating some routine tasks on your computer. Robotic Process Automation or RPA, in short, is simply the process of simulating the mouse and keyboard actions on your PC and it comes in handy if there are programs, mouse movements, or keyboard strokes that are repetitive. Usually, automation software will allow you to run a macro recorder that keeps tabs on your actions (records), and then reenacts the same actions on command. You can, of course, make some tweaks to your recorded mouse and keyboard movements for better performance or even write your own scripts to extend them.

For those looking to improve their productivity or do away with tiresome boring routines, nothing beats a good automation software and here is a list of the best free automation software for Windows 10.

1. RoboTask

With RoboTask, you can automate things like the opening of multiple programs, the editing of documents, send emails, or shut down your computer based on triggers. RoboTask allows you to select the actions that you want to automate and then edit these actions for better performance.

Some of the most powerful features of RoboTask are reserved for the premium version of the app that retails at $119.5 0, although the free version can easily meet the needs of most office workers.

2. AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is an open source automation software for Windows. Being open source, AutoHotkey offers extensive customization options and has a large community of users who interact in multiple forums where they exchange tips and how to’s. Thus, as a new user, you will have access to very many helpful resources.

AutoHotkey also allows users to create and compile basic and complex scripts in Notepad and third-party programs. The scripts can be exported as EXE files that can then be executed with the help of an interpreter. Some of the tasks that are easily automated by AutoHotkey include opening programs and websites, filling out forms, importing data, schedule system scans and much more. AutoHotkey does not have a native text editor so you will have to get comfortable writing your scripts in Notepad or a text editor of your choice. If you have no experience writing scripts or compiling them, you don’t have to worry as there are tons of scripts on any number of things that are already written and available for free download in forums and on the app’s website. All you have to do is to run them and sometimes tweak them to suit your specific needs.

If you consider the extensive support, the large community of users, and the wide availability of ready to use scripts, you would be hard pressed to not agree that AutoHotkey is one of the best free automation software for Windows 10.

Practical Automation Driver Download For Windows 10

3. AutoIt

AutoIt is a BASIC-like scripting language that is easy to pick up and specially designed for automating the Windows GUI and scripting. This means that it is not your regular automation software and you have to have some basic programming skills in order to take full advantage of the language and its capabilities. That said, it is not like you will start from nowhere, as you will get extensive support from a vibrant community of users and probably get access to already well-written and executable scripts.

How does AutoIt work? Good question. You will write your scripts on the AutoIt editor, and then run them through the AutoIt interpreter. Alternatively , you can just write the scripts in the editor and compile them as EXE files and carry them around for use in another Windows PC.


The following are some of the features of AutoIt:

  • BASIC-like syntax which makes it easy to learn
  • Create graphical user interfaces
  • Interacts with all standard Windows controls
  • Scripts can be compiled into stand-alone EXE files
  • COM support

4. Pulover’s Macro Creator

Pulover ’s Macro Creator is another excellent free automation software for Windows 10. It has an inbuilt recorder, many automation commands, and the ability to record inputs in its intuitive interface. Pulover ’s Macro Creator also allows you to write and execute scripts. The native format of the scripts written in the software is AutoHotkey Script.

5. Easy Clicks Macros

Just as the name suggests, Easy Clicks Macros is one of the best and most user-friendly automation software for Windows 10. It allows users to create macros fast and easy and has the ability to reduce a complex task to just a single click. This is because it allows multiple macros to be run from the same key and this can be achieved without the need for heavy scripting. Users who are not ready to dedicate a whole lot of their time to learning a scripting language or familiarizing themselves with complex software will find Easy Clicks Macros very convenient.

6. TinyTask

TinyTask is a small sized application- barely 33kb- with the simple features of record and playback. It is the simplest a macro recorder can get. It has six buttons dedicated to opening the applications, saving, recording, and running.

Although it’s easy to use, its user interface can get really small , especially if run it on a computer that has a high resolution. Even so, it is still one of the best Windows 10 automation software especially for beginners who might feel intimated by the more advanced and feature-full macro recorders.

7. Macro Express

Last in the list of the best free automation software for Windows 10 is Macro Express. Although not entirely free – there is a pro version- Macro Express is one of the most powerful and versatile macro creators in the Windows automation software universe. It enables users to run macros simultaneously and comes with an enhanced script editor. The software even has a portable version that can be carried around on a USB stick and be run from there.

Practical Automation Driver Download For Windows 10

Practical Automation Driver Download For Windows 10 Pro

Macro Express allows users to quickly create their own scripts with Quick Wizards, and with the help of an intelligent editor. The macros can even be configured to run in more specific programs and Windows.

Practical Automation Driver Download For Windows 10 Offline

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