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Mono Color Printer. 1242DLG-DT; 843DL/G-DT; 843DL/G-QF; 840DL/G-DT; 840DL/G-QF; 822G-DT; 822DLG-QF; 822G-RM; Driver Download. File Systems; Printrex 920 Windows. THE NEW PRINTREX 920 Add to request list GIVE COLOR TO YOUR WELL LOGS WITH THE NEW PRINTREX 920. Is the first full color printer/plotter designed from the ground up to perform in the adverse environment of a logging truck or off-shore platform. THE FIRST COLOR PRINTER TOUGH ENOUGH TO RIDE SHOTGUN. DIRECT THERMAL COLOR. ©2015 All Rights Reserved. You cannot copy a well log directly by plugging in a printer, however it is easy to make a copy of your well log. Scan the image with the NeuraScanner to make a TIFF file. Then print with the NeuraView software that came with the scanner to your log printer. Neuralog recommends and sells the Printrex log printer.

Printrex 820 DL
Black & White printer, max. 200x200 dpi, works Partially

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Printer supports direct text printing with the 'us-ascii' charset.


Data logging printer; prints on continuous roll thermal paper.

Prints text just fine, and the command set is fully documented.

It should be straightforward to write a Ghostscript driver for the two bitmap modes (100 and 200dpi).

Consumables/Refills: Just thermal paper

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Printrex Printer Drivers

Printrex Printers Driver

Printrex Printer Drivers

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