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Download TV-tuner drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver scan and update. Download Download. Download drivers for Conexant Prof 8000 DVB-S/S2 BDA TV-tuners (Windows 10 x64), or install DriverPack Solution software for automatic driver download and update.

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AMD uProf is a performance analysis tool for applications running on Windows and Linux operating systems. It allows developers to better understand the runtime performance of their application and to identify ways to improve its performance.

AMD uProf offers:

  • Performance Analysis
    • CPU Profiling – to identify runtime performance bottlenecks of the application.
  • System Analysis
    • Performance Counter Monitor utility – to monitor system performance metrics
  • Power Profiling
    • System-wide Power Profiling – to monitor thermal and power characteristics of the system.
  • Energy Analysis
    • Power Application Analysis – to identify energy hotspots in the application (Windows only).

AMD uProf can effectively be used to:

  • Analyze the performance of one or more processes or the entire system
  • Track down the performance bottlenecks (hotspots & micro-architecture) in the source code
  • Identify ways to optimize the source code for better performance and power efficiency
  • Examine the behavior of kernel, drivers, and system modules
  • Analyze Thread concurrency
  • Observe frequency, thermal and power characteristics (Power profiling)
  • Observe system metrics like IPC, Core effective frequency, memory bandwidth, etc.

What’s New

  • New profile types to analyze HPC applications
    • Profiling OpenMP applications (Linux)
    • Profiling MPI applications (Linux)
  • Cache Analysis to identify potential false sharing cache lines (Linux)
  • AMDuProfPcm based System Analysis support on Windows
  • Support for Linux kernel profiling when kernel debug info is available
  • Faster raw profile data processing
  • Simplified and faster default report generation by the CLI
  • New platform support
    • Support for AMD Family 17h Model 60h processors
  • New GUI features
    • Heatmap visualization in SOURCE view for easier navigation to hot source lines
    • Improvements in ANALYSIS view
    • Easier locating of recently profiled configurations from WELCOME page
    • Simplified Windows Symbol Server settings
    • Navigation from Callgraph to SOURCE view for functions having self-samples

Refer the Release notes for the complete list of features added in this release.



  • AMD CPU & APU Processors
  • Discrete GPUs: Graphics IP 7 GPUs, AMD Radeon 500 Series, FirePro models (Power Profiling Only)

Operating Systems

AMD uProf supports the 64-bit version of the following Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10 (up to May 2020 Update 20H1)
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2019
  • Linux
    • Ubuntu 16.04 & later
    • RHEL 7.0 & later
    • openSUSE Leap 15.0
    • SLES 12 & 15
    • CentOS 7.0 & later

Compilers and Application Environment

AMD uProf supports following application environment:

  • Languages:
    • C, C++, Fortran, Assembly
    • Java, .NET
  • Programs compiled with
    • Microsoft compilers
    • GNU compilers
    • LLVM
    • AMD’s AOCC
    • Intel compilers
  • Parallelism
    • OpenMP
    • MPI
  • Applications compiled with and without optimization and/or debug information

Performance Analysis

AMD uProf profiler follows a statistical sampling-based approach to collect profile data to identify the performance bottlenecks in the application. The profile data collection can be triggered by – OS timer, core PMC events and IBS. AMD uProf offers user friendly UI to view and analyze the profile data thereby helps to optimize wide variety of applications, drivers, game engines etc.


AMDuProf’ s ANALYZE page to view the performance data at process, module and function level

AMDuProf’ s SOURCE page to view the performance data corelated to source lines

AMDuProf’ s Flame graph window to identify the hot call-paths

Power Profiling

AMD uProf profiler can be used to monitor the frequency, thermal and energy metrics of various components in the system. The GUI offers a live timeline graphs of various metrics in TIMECHART page.

AMDuProf’ s TIMECHART page to plot the live power metrics

Ask the community

Please use Developer Community for bug reports, support and feature requests.

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Refer here for older versions.

A DVB-S2USB 2.0 Device from Prof Tuners Group

  • 1Overview/Features


This is a USB 2.0 device capable of receiving DVB-S and DVB-S2 transponders.

Components Used

  • Tuner STB6100
  • Demodulator STV0903


Vendor ID: 3034
Product ID: 7500

Making it Work

This device is supported in the kernel since 2.6.34. You only need to put the firmware file dvb-usb-p7500.fw into the /lib/firmware directory. Unfortunately Prof Tuners didn't put the firmware on their website. The firmware can be downloaded from this (Russian) forum: download has the name dvb-usb-p7500.fw.txt, rename it to dvb-usb-p7500.fw, then put it into /lib/firmware. I can confirm this works without any problems in Ubuntu 12.04.

Quality of the device


This device has a solid metal case. Signal strength is great, much better than many other devices (for example Digital Devices Cine S2). The device can get a bit warm.

Prof Tuners Driver


Not many shops sell this device. Probably your best (and cheapest) option is to buy it from Prof Tuners itself:

Other info

If you are having issues with it locking high bitrate HD feeds look here...[1]

download edilecek dosyalar

Dikkat! kernel-module-headers kurulu olmalı...

Buradaki dosyayı açıp klasöre giriyoruz (


Şimdi de prof_7500_v4l_dvb.patch dosyanın olduğu dizinde

Prof Tuners Driver Download

komutunu verip sürekli enter ladım...

bu dosyayı 'dvb-usb-p7500.fw' /lib/firmware/ klasörüne kopyaladım

Prof tuners driver app

Prof Tuners Driver Jobs


Kaffeine yi çalıştırdım cihazı gördü kanalları muhteşem kaliteli gözteriyor..

Prof Tuners Driver App


Sistemim Pardus Linux i686

AMD 6000+

nvidia 9500 gt

2GB ram


Prof Tuners Driver Windows 10

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