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Scan your operating system and Mozilla Firefox for root certificates that have been added to the trust list behind your back, with this lightweight console utility

It is difficult for regular users to determine which of the numerous root certificates trusted by Windows and Firefox may pose a security risk, as some of them could have been added to this list for malicious purposes.

RCC is a small, portable utility that verifies these root certificates and identifies rogue ones based on reference baselines and metadata.

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Inspect your system’s trusted root certificate store

The application is designed to scan the Windows and Mozilla Firefox root CA store. These certificates are compared against a database that is based on the Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple and Android cert stores. No internet connection is required, as the list is bundled with the software.

When the scan has been completed, RCC displays the total number of roots in the trust store and trust list, as well as items that are not part of the baseline. Certificates that are highlighted in red may represent security risks, and it may be necessary for them to be inspected more thoroughly.

Command-line tool that keeps things simple

While the application is very easy to launch, as you only need to double-click the downloaded executable file, some users would certainly have preferred a modern, intuitive GUI.

No other advanced features are included, but users are likely to appreciate the ease with which a check can be performed, as no configurations are necessary. However, it would have been great if some documentation was available to help new users understand how the program verifies root certificates.

Lightweight, portable root certificate checker

You can run this small utility from any location without any issues, even portable storage devices. No installation is required, and the application will not leave any traces behind after completing a scan.

On the whole, RCC is a straightforward, simple-to-use program that can help you identify malicious root certificates by scanning the Windows and Mozilla Firefox root CA stores. It features a minimalistic design, and it is fully portable, but lacks a GUI and does not offer any documentation.

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Rcc Driver Download Windows 7


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Rcc Driver Download Windows 10

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