Romex Software Driver

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The Romex solution will cut off and block voice calls and messages after the start of a business journey. Their driver distraction prevention module locks the keypad to prevent any texting or emailing. Employees will receive an announcement via their phone if there is missed message requiring them to stop in a safe place and take the message. Rxfcv.sys is part of PrimoCache and developed by Romex Software according to the rxfcv.sys version information. Rxfcv.sys's description is 'PrimoCache Driver' rxfcv.sys is digitally signed by Shanghai Romex Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Rxfcv.sys is usually located in the 'C: Windows system32 drivers ' folder.

Virtual Disk Driver

With Virtual Disk Driver you can mount a VMware virtual disk to your Windows hosts and use them as another disk drive attached to your system. Virtual Disk Driver allows you to use these types of virtual disks with minor errors, such as timestamp mismatch, sequence number mismatch, etc. (Virtual Disk Driver simply ignores those errors, it does not fix them.)

  • Publisher: Ken Kato
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  • Last updated: April 19th, 2013

Paragon Hard Disk Managerâ„¢ for Virtual Server

Hard Disk Manager Server bundles corporate editions of our bestselling Drive Backup and Partition Manager and is aimed at easy and efficient storage management within stand-alone physical Windows servers all through their life cycle: support for SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks, automatic partition alignment boosts storage performance.

  • Publisher: Paragon Technologie GmbH
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  • Last updated: May 22nd, 2012

Hard Disk Wipe Tool

Hard Disk Wipe Tool 2.35.1178 is a freeware utility for low-level hard disk drive erasing.The program supports S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, USB and FIREWIRE interfaces. It fully support LBA-48 drives.Hard Disk Wipe Tool can format Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum and Western Digital drives.

  • Publisher: HDDGURU
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  • Last updated: March 5th, 2008

Portlock Leap Frog

Portlock Leap Frog will assist you in creating a bootable Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) for native Windows deployment with your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard machine. The VHD can be used as the running operating system on supported hardware without a virtual machine or hypervisor.

  • Publisher: Portlock Corporation
  • Last updated: May 27th, 2020

VSuite Ramdisk (Standard Edition)

Creates a virtual hard disk using the available RAM memory, which provides a much faster access to your data. If you usually execute applications that keep a high level of interaction with your hard disk, you may have noticed that they tend to be slow and heavy. In those cases, VSuite Ramdisk turns out to be especially useful - it allows you to set a virtual (permanent or volatile) drive.

  • Publisher: Romex Software
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  • Last updated: June 15th, 2010

VMX Builder

VMX Builder is a program for creating vmx (VMware virtual machine configuration) and vmdk (VMware virtual hard disk) files. 'Virtual Machines' are independent environments installed on a physical computer, that can run different operating systems (including Linux or Windows). These virtual machines will be able to share the resources of your X86-based computer.

Romex Software driver
  • Publisher: Devfarm Software
  • Last updated: November 18th, 2009

BitRecover Virtual Drive Recovery Wizard

Virtual Drive Recovery Wizard is a program designed to restore data from corrupt virtual hard disk files. It can perform data recovery even from crashed or corrupt virtual machines and virtual hard drives. You can recover deleted files from virtual machines, even after emptying it from recycle bin or trash; recover data from formatted virtual machine drives, and more.

  • Publisher: BitRecover
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  • Last updated: November 24th, 2017

Romex Software Drivers

Odin HDD Encryption

Romex Software Driver

Odin HDD Encryption is a powerful Hard Disc Drive Encryption software which can protect,secure,encrypt your hard disc drive,virtual hard disk(VHD),USB flash files,removable drive. It can makes a part or all your hard disc into a secure vault. And it also can creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk.

  • Publisher: Odin Share Company
  • Last updated: August 21st, 2013

DAEMON Tools Ultra

DAEMON Tools Ultra is the most advanced version of the DAEMON Tools virtual DVD program. It can be used to mount virtual discs of almost all formats, create disks to speed up your PC, and create bootable USB-sticks of Windows OS. DAEMON Tools Ultra can emulate an unlimited number of DT, SCSI, IDE, and HDD virtual drives.

  • Publisher: Disc Soft Ltd.
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  • Last updated: July 2nd, 2020

Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) can find, test, diagnose and repair hard disk drive problems. It can display the health of your hard disks and SSDs using S.M.A.R.T. data. This program can also work with hybrid disk drives (SSHD), disks in RAID arrays, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives.

  • Publisher: H.D.S. Hungary
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  • Last updated: February 1st, 2021

Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool

This HDD Low Level Format utility is free for home use. It can erase and Low-Level Format a SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI or SSD hard disk drive. It will also work with any USB and FIREWIRE external drive enclosures as well as SD, MMC, MemoryStick and CompactFlash media.

  • Publisher: HDDGURU
  • Home
  • Last updated: November 29th, 2013

Microsoft Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC is light, simple software that allows you to configure, install and use a highly customizable computer within your desktop!Without the need of formatting, or getting an additional computer, with this application you can test drive an operating system, software, or a configuration and see if it fits your needs!

  • Publisher: Microsoft
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  • Last updated: August 26th, 2014

Virtual Serial Port Driver

Virtual Serial Port Driver by Eltima creates virtual COM port pairs in the system. Using these ports serial applications can communicate with each other and transfer data via virtual null-modem cable.

  • Publisher: Eltima Software
  • Home
  • Last updated: February 27th, 2017

Flobo Hard Disk Repair

One feature of the software is that you are able to check S.M.A.R.T. information. Modern hard disks support S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) that was specially developed to detect upcoming disk failures.You can use Flobo Hard Disk Repair in the Bart Pe bootable disk in case your hard disk drive cannot boot.

  • Publisher: Flobo Recovery
  • Last updated: December 27th, 2009

Paragon Hard Disk Managerâ„¢ 14 Suite

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Suite is an all-in-one suite to completely protect, maintain and manage your PC. The program offers you a full range of backup, recovery and partitioning solutions, fast migration to new HDDs, SSDs and virtual machines and efficient disk maintenance and optimization.

Romex Software Driver

  • Publisher: Paragon Technologie GmbH.
  • Home
  • Last updated: November 28th, 2013

Virtual Hard Drive Pro

VirtualDrive converts a CD into a virtual CD (VCD) file, which plays in any one of up to 23 emulated virtual CD drives. VirtualDrive's unique burning capability that allows you to copy your CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, games, and other programs to physical CD and virtual CD discs. VirtualDrive Pro provides a fast and instant responsive playback without leaving any wear or tear on your disc drive.

  • Publisher: FarStone Technology
  • Last updated: June 22nd, 2012

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

This is a very comprehensive suite to optimize and maintain your hard drive in optimal conditions. It has many different functions like backup and migration tools, a partition manager, and many more. If you aren't an exert user, the program has an express mode with wizards that walk you through the different processes.

  • Publisher: Paragon Software Group
  • Home
  • Last updated: May 26th, 2020

[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor

[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor is a Windows utility developed for users who wish to immediately check the current health status of their hard drives. It lives in your System Tray from where you can access its Settings panel, reveal the main window or refresh the contents of the offered report.

  • Publisher: LSoft Technologies Inc.
  • Home
  • Last updated: October 20th, 2017

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