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Find 12 DMV Locations within 33.6 miles of Seneca PennDOT Photo License Center. Seneca PennDOT Driver License Center (Seneca, PA - under 0.1 miles) Cranberry Seneca Notary Messenger Service (Cranberry, PA - 1.8 miles) Franklin AAA East Central Messenger (Franklin, PA - 9.7 miles) Clairon Messenger Service (Clarion, PA - 19.9 miles). DOT Locations near Seneca PennDOT Photo License Center. 0.0 miles Seneca PennDOT Driver License Center; 7.1 miles AAA East Central Messenger; 17.6 miles Crawford County Notary; 19.9 miles R. James Smathers Messenger; 20.9 miles Clarion PennDOT Driver License Center.

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Past Sprint Car Racers of Seneca County,OhioSeneca Driver
Created By StephenJ. Hartzell
Pictured above is the legendary RickFerkel of Tiffin in the 1970's at Lernerville, PA

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2003Scoop's Insider Photojournal

Directoryof Past Drivers
ThePaul L. Dewald Memorial Page

Seneca Sprints ExclusivePhoto Pages
SenecaSprints April-May 2002 Photopage
20Exclusive Photos From May 18, 2002 At Fremont

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AllStar Super Sprints: The Forgotten Sprint Series - By Doc Lehman
TheJacobs Family - A Racing Dynasty - By Doc Lehman

All drivers included inSeneca Sprints must have been residents of, or had their base of operationsin Seneca County, Ohio during their Sprint Car racing careers. CurrentDrivers who have moved their residence or base of operations out of SenecaCounty are listed in the Past Drivers section.


Your encouragement & support of these driversat the track WILL make a difference!
Also, remember that Sprint Car racing is a very expensivesport. Without the help of dedicated sponsors, none of these fine racingteams can continue to entertain the great race fans of northern Ohio forvery long. It is an established fact that racing fans tend to recognize& patronize the businesses that support these fine racing teams!
Keep the proud tradition alive!
Contact one of these fine drivers today & jointheir team!
Do NOT send money to this website unless you wantit to go to all of the current Seneca Sprints drivers.
This solicitation is on behalf of the current driverslisted herein.

Seneca driver

Seneca Drivers

2003Directory of Drivers
410 Super Sprint Division

Also see Past Drivers for Active Drivers who havemoved outside of Seneca County, Ohio

Shawn Chaney - #27C - Tiffin
Bobby Distel - #18 - Tiffin
Rick Ferkel Jr. - #0- Tiffin
Scott Kraylek - #21 -Fostoria (410 Rookie)
Matt Lucius - 1A - Tiffin (410 Rookie)
Brandon Martin - #11- Attica
Bruce Robenalt - #98 -Tiffin (All Stars)

360 Division

Mike Dussel - #6 - Fostoria(NRA)
Jon Finsel - #F1 - Fostoria(NRA)
Tim Kern - #48 - Fostoria(NRA)

305 Sprint Division

Dan Hammond - #22D - FortSeneca, Ohio
Jason Hill - #25 - Greensprings (Rookie)
Josh Hill - #25H - Greensprings
Rodney Hurst - #97 - Tiffin
Bill Kraylek - #71 -Fostoria
Chris Lang - #29 - Tiffin
Mark Lang - #65 - Fostoria
Joe Laugherty - #21J- Tiffin
Jamie Miller - #4 - Fostoria
Brian Steinhouser - #24 - Fostoria (Rookie)
Justin Stout - #7S - Greensprings
Keith Whaley - #37 - Flatrock
Mark Whaley - #34 - Flatrock

Seneca DriverPavement SprintSeneca

Dave Durnwald - Tiffin(USAC, ARCA)

Modified Midget Sprint

Coty Runion - #49 - Tiffin(250 Division)

PastSeneca Co., Ohio Sprint Car Drivers

Special thanks to Louie Foos, Ken Walker, Rob Robenalt, Brian Liskai,Buck Tusing, Alf Fischer, Bruce Robenalt, Jackie Kraylek, Carl Wilson,Bryan Autullo, Dave Harrison, Jimmy Dayton Jr., Doug Ludwig, Larry Dyer,Shawn Russell, and other longtime sprint car fans for helping to compileinformation for this list.

CLICKHERE to submit information about, or photos of drivers.

Danny Autullo - Tiffin
Art Ball - Tiffin
Scott Bassinger - Fostoria
Tom Basinger - Fostoria
Sonny Berrier - Bascom
Mike Bogart - Tiffin
Eddie 'Sneak' Bowman - Tiffin
Les Bowman - Tiffin
Gene Breyman - Tiffin
Mark Craun - Bettsville
Randy Curlis - Fostoria
Bobby Day - Fostoria
Jim Dayton Sr. - Tiffin
Paul Dewald Sr. - Tiffin
Paul Dewald Jr. - Tiffin
Kevin Dick - Tiffin
Jerry Distel - Tiffin
Tim Dussel - Fostoria
Rick Ferkel - Tiffin
'Shorty' Gastner - Tiffin
Ronnie Guild - Tiffin
Al Hager - Fostoria
Darl Harrison - Bettsville
David Harrison - Bettsville(Active)
Dale Helms - Fostoria
Lowell Hetzel - Tiffin
Dick Holcombe -
Randy Hopple - Republic
Mike Huth - Tiffin
David Jumper - Tiffin
? Kahler -
Chuck Kear - Tiffin
Dennis Keckler - Fostoria
Gug Keegan - Greensprings
Paul Keegan - Greensprings
Willie Keegan - Greensprings
Tim Kern - Fostoria
Billy Koepfer - Fostoria
Jack Kraylek - Fostoria
Ron Kraylek - Fostoria
Al Liskai - Tiffin
Lowell Litton - Fostoria
Danny Ludwig - Tiffin
Doug Ludwig - Tiffin
Bill McCory - Tiffin
Stan McCray - Tiffin
Skip Miller - Fostoria
Dick Moyer - Tiffin
Mike Nye - Tiffin
Barry Potts - Tiffin
Jeff Potts - Tiffin
Harry 'Watson' Rhodes -Tiffin
'Leadfoot' Lou Ringle -Attica
Carl Runion Sr. - Tiffin
Jim Sauber - Tiffin
Jimmy Smith - Tiffin
Wendell Smith - Tiffin
'Fearless' Fred Steinhouser Sr. - Tiffin
Freddie SteinhouserJr. - Tiffin
'Toad' Stewart - Fostoria
Joe Strausbaugh - Tiffin
Danny Terry - Tiffin
Randy Tusing - Tiffin(Active)
Bob Wilson - Republic
Other Seneca County, Ohio Sprint Car Links
'Your Sprint Car Connection'
Kears Speed Shop is Located In Downtown Tiffin, Ohio

Attica Raceway Park is Located In the Fairgroundsat Attica, Ohio

Jeff Potts' former 360 Sprint Series

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