Senselock Driver

Swiftec allows the end user to get the maximum performance out of modern electronic controlled engines such as cars, trucks, bikes, boats and any engine that is controlled via a ECU. Driver-based locks can be converted to this feature, but once the Lock is Driverless, it cannot be made Driver-enabled again. Dumper does not work in this feature dongles and you do not need to get USB Trace log.

USB security dongle

Security dongle - this is device that connects through USB port and makes the identification of the user and activated licenses. It is necessary part of our software and buying once and for all/any software module.

Senselock driver test

We are currently using the most modern and small version of the key SenseLock EL-Genii with built-in internal memory of 64 KB.

Dongle is selling only with one or more modules of the BitEdit or BitBox software.

Price does not includes international shipping cost.

USB dongle driver

Senselock dongle driver for Windows 32/64 bit can be downloaded at this link

Product Description


1920-byte, Larger Space


Senselock Driver License

Users can store more data, make the protection scheme more flexible and fulfill the requirement of protecting more software products (module) at the same time.



Clave2 Basic supports HID standard, and in most circumstances, does not require installing the driver on purpose. It is highly compatible and convenient to use.

Rapid Execution

Due to the rapid execution, users enable to set up more and higher-complex encryption points in order to increase the difficulty of decryption.

AES Algorithm Protection

128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is commonly adopted over the world and binds the software and device more coherently.

Secure Channel

Using the AES algorithm to establish secure communication channels with application of random scrambling technology, Clave2 Basic have the communication data between equipment and software concealed so that crackers are unable to intercept any valid information.

Senselock Driver Jobs

Envelope Encryption

Without source code, users can implement the software protection rapidly by using envelope encryption of Clave2 Basic.

Remote Update

You can update the encrypted data remotely without callback of dongles. Furthermore, the updating process is reliable and secure that greatly improves work efficiency and saves the management and logistics costs.



Working VoltageDC 5V +/- 5%
Max Consumption100mW
Working Temperature0°C~70°C
Data Retention10 YearsTypical
Write Circles10,000Lowest
Connection TypeUSB 1.0, USB 2.0Low speed with HID
AES Encryption Time20msavg.16 bytes
AES Decryption Time26msavg.16 bytes
Reading Time179msavg.512 bytes
Writing Time246msavg.512 bytes
HMAC Calculation Time185msavg.100 bytes

Operating System Supported:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Mac OS, Linux.

Programming Language Supported:

VC6, VS2005, VS2008, Delphi6, Delphi7, Delphi2010, VB6, VB2008, C#, Java and more.

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