Shanwan Driver Download

Shanwan Driver Download

Hmm I wasn't aware the Sixaxis was so oddly picky about how it needed to be paired, at least the first time around. Seems to be easy to re-connect afterwords.

Sixpair didn't seem to do anything for me; following the Gentoo guide worked after installing 'bluez-ps3'. I also needed to install hcitool, since the newer versions of Bluez don't use that. I don't especially like that I have to use this outdated bluez, but, at least it seems to be working with no negative side effects. At least for my gaming PC, the only thing I use Bluetooth for are gamepads, so for now I think I'm all set.

I may try experimenting with this a little bit, because now I have a clearer understanding of what exactly is going on in order for the controller to connect. It seems that it's not so much the computer pairs with the controller, but rather the controller pairs with the computer. I'm not sure if there's anything else I depend on in the bluez-ps3 package, but I wonder if I could use Arch's normal bluez package (which in turn means the hcitool package gets broken), while doing the following:
1. Plug the controller in via USB.
2. Using whatever Bluetooth control panel (in my case, blueman), and set my PC to discoverable.
3. Unplug the USB cord.
4. There should be a prompt for authorization (say yes).
5. Trust the controller after being paired.
That should, in theory, allow me to make a first-time connection without any special tools, older versions of bluez, or CLI commands.

Also, for me the controller seems to be mapped out perfectly fine.

Shanwan Driver Download Free

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Shanwan Driver Downloads

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