Silicon Chip Port Devices Driver

Installing the virtual COM port driver software on a computer makes possible CAT communication via a USB cable to the SCU-17 or an compatible transceivers. This will allow computer control of TX (PTT, KEY, FSK), and the audio In/Out interface (except the FT-891). The fixed function devices provide the easiest method to add USB without the need for any firmware or driver development. The USBXpress portfolio supports several USB to serial bridge devices, including human interface (HID) devices and USB Audio devices. The on-chip one-time programmable ROM may be used to customize the USB Vendor ID, Product ID, Product Description String, Power Descriptor, Device Release Number, Device Serial Number, and GPIO configuration as desired for OEM applications. Royalty-free Virtual COM Port (VCP) device drivers provided by Silicon Labs allow a CP2104-based product to.

Windows device driver information for Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller


Silicon Chip Port Devices Driver Windows 7


Silicon Chip Port Devices Driver

Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller is single computer chip PCI to 4 port ATA host controller. Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller is best for applications such as workstations, storage systems that have peripherals with new type of storage interface standards and servers. The chip is based on 32-bit/66 MHZ PCI Interface. It offers users support for several independent Serial ATA devices. The Silicon Image SiI3114 SATARaid Controller can be incorporated into Personal Computer Interfaces add in card designs and motherboards. Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller works with various operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT and Windows 2000. The Silicon images offer complete LiquidHDs advanced environments, allowing source gadgets to distribute user interfaces and their contents and on LiquidHDs networks, which are fresh standards for the connection of home entertainment gadgets. These technologies permit companies and providers of services to give solutions such as multi-room DVRs, videos-on-demand and internet convenience.

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